Selecting the Right Elder Law Attorney

An elder law attorney can help you or your loved ones plan their estate, long-term care, and even their finances. Elder law includes all this and more.

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable elder law attorney will help you understand these legal processes, advocate for your rights, and provide peace of mind. An elder law attorney should have a practice focused on these legal matters and the expertise to guide you through making these important decisions.

Your elder law attorney will assist you with care planning, power of attorney, advanced healthcare directives, Medicaid planning, estate planning, and cases of abuse and neglect. So how do you find the right elder law attorney for you?

Qualities to Look for in an Elder Law Attorney

There are a few essential qualities to look for in an elder law attorney that can impact your choice of legal counsel. Look for the following qualities in your lawyer to ensure you have sound counsel and the best representation for your needs.

They Take the Time to Answer Your Questions

Any attorney should take the time to answer all your questions. Questions related to elder law are highly specific to the client, so the attorney should take time to answer your questions in detail rather than providing a generic answer or being vague about the process. They should be passionate about helping you understand everything, especially since legal concerns related to elder law can significantly impact your or a loved one’s quality of life.

They Are Knowledgeable About Laws in Your State

Since laws vary for different states and districts, knowing how matters related to elder law work in your area is essential. The attorney you choose should be an expert on the laws in your state pertaining to wills, estate planning, trusts, and long-term care.

They Have Dealt with Situations Similar to Yours

The right elder law attorney for you will have experience working with clients who have been in similar situations as you. Ideally, they would have years of experience assisting clients with similar concerns and legal matters. It’s important to know they can handle your situation, whether you need assistance with estate planning or litigation for abuse.

They Are Registered with the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) is an organization specifically for attorneys who work with seniors and specialize in elder law. Therefore, it’s an excellent resource for those searching for an elder law attorney near them. If you are considering an attorney, search the database to see if the legal professional in question is registered with NAELA. Working with a registered NAELA attorney gives you the assurance that the lawyer specializes in elder law in your area.

How Do You Know If an Attorney Is a Good Fit?

An initial consultation can help you decide if an attorney will be a good fit for your needs. When scheduling an appointment and meeting with an elder law attorney, it’s important to assess their:

  • Communication: Can you easily understand them?
  • Responsiveness: Was it easy to get in touch with the practice and schedule a consultation?
  • Respect: Was the attorney on time for your meeting, and did the meeting run for the allotted amount of time?
  • Attentiveness: Did the attorney ask the appropriate questions to fully understand your situation and requirements?

Finding the right elder law attorney is essential when handling these important legal matters. By looking for a professional with the above qualities and scheduling a consultation, you can find the best person to assist you.

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