Tax Compliance & Research

Tax Compliance & Research

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Tax Compliance & Research Services

Quinn, Racusin & Gazzola attorneys can help when life presents a significant tax issue for our elder law, fiduciary, small business, and nonprofit clients. When the tax issues get tough, QRG attorneys are there as zealous advocates. QRG attorneys have been admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the courts which handle federal tax matters. QRG attorneys are also versed in the income, property, and estate tax laws of D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and the various local jurisdictions around the DMV, including Montgomery County, P.G. County, Arlington County, and Fairfax County.

Though we represent clients that owe money to the IRS, or whom the IRS claims owes it money, QRG is not a “tax settlement firm” (as seen in TV commercials) that negotiates with the IRS for a fixed fee. Tax settlement firms have a reputation for overpromising to exploit desperate taxpayers. While tax debt negotiation is possible, any honest tax attorney will tell you there are no magic tricks to eliminate a legitimate debt to the IRS.

Services & Questions related to Tax Compliance & Research

Full Support for our Elder Law Clients

As an Elder Law firm, QRG performs accounting and tax filing services for our fiduciary clients. Our experienced in-house accountant will track and record all income and expenses and monitor assets. QRG attorneys are equipped and experienced in preparing the necessary federal, state, and local tax filings. The QRG Elder Law attorney whom you have appointed as your fiduciary will carefully supervise the entire process.

Small Business Tax Solutions

One tax question that small businesses face is choosing how to make a federal tax election under the IRS “check the box” rules. The phrase refers to eligibility of certain business entities to elect how they will be classified, and therefore taxed, for federal income tax purposes. Business entities generally fall into one of the following four categories for federal income tax purposes: disregarded entities, partnerships, S corporations, and C corporations.

At times, tax issues can become multi-faceted, particularly when business interests are involved. Our team will coordinate with other service or industry niches to make sure that all resources are brought to bear on successful resolution of tax transactions and issues.

A Guide to the Nonprofit Galaxy

QRG helps charitable nonprofits embark on their mission by assisting with the application for tax-exempt status (the Form 1023). A QRG attorney will help you develop your project plan to get the status you need to realize your vision. We will then help you complete and file the 1023 application. In most cases, we recommend the full Form 1023 instead of the short-form application (1023-EZ). However, we will assess your funding plans and make a recommendation if the short form is appropriate.

We will also file annual returns (Form 990) for our nonprofit clients. These returns are due May 15 if your organization uses the calendar year as its fiscal year and, as of 2021, must be e-filed.

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